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How do I pay my taxes?

To pay funds owed to HMRC, you will need a government gateway to ensure all payments are allocated to the correct service and account.

If you do not have a government gateway for Self Assessment, VAT, PAYE or Corporation tax, please see the link :

If you are self employed you will only need to set up a government gateway for self assessment. You can add your personal UTR (unique tax reference number, which you will receive from HMRC) to the account, so you can review your account at any time.

If you have a limited company, you will need to set a government gateway up for yourself, then a separate gateway for all the services you require. On the link, there is a helpful video to show how to ad all the services you need to one gateway.

I.e Corporation tax and VAT.  Once you’ve added all the services, you will be able to view and manage your account at any time. HMRC will send you an Activation Code/Pin in the post which can take up to 10 working days).

If you don’t have a government gateway ID and you just want to pay your tax straight over here is are direct link to show how to make payments, either by debit card or Bank payments (no credits allowed) You will need your personal UTR You will need your company UTR and payment reference You will need your accounts office reference number (13 Characters) and the month you are paying- for example April month 1 May month 2 and so on.

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